Road transport

  • Fuel consumption, fuel consumption factors, CO2 emissions.
  • Stock data: population, new registrations, second hand registrations, deregistrations.
  • Activity data: mileage, vkm, pkm, tkm (with loading capacity, actual payload, loading factors), tkm share per trip class and cargo type, occupancy ratio, private/corporate/self-employed professional passenger cars, urban peak/urban non-peak/non-urban share.
  • Economic data: purchase price, VAT, registration tax, ownership tax, operation cost, maintenance cost, insurance cost, labour cost, and tolls.

Airborne transport

Data on activities (flights, number of passengers, pkm, tonnes, tkm), occupancy (passengers/plane, tonnes/plane), energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and prices.

Rail transport

Rolling stock, passenger and goods transport performance, energy and price data.

Waterborne transport

Data divided into Short Sea Shipping (SSS), Deep Sea Shipping (DSS) and Inland Waterways (IWW). For SSS the data includes freight data in tonnes, ship calls, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in tonnes and g/tonne-km, price per tonne-km, passenger volumes, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per passenger-km, price per passenger-km. The data are divided into ship types, ship size classes and distance bands.

Non-motorized transport

Pkm per person per year, total pkm, time spent, average speed, share of transport modes (non-motorized, car, and public transport) by number of trips and by distance.


Transport data collection supporting the quantitative analysis of measures relating to transport and climate change.


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